where it makes sense

Arms extended to my sides, I drag my finger tips along the walls of the hall of Valhalla. The richness of its impact on my touch is like braille to my consciousness. The sweet caressing stench engulfs me and offers an illusion of comfort and control. The imperceptible echo from the friction reminds me of why I’m here- to simply walk down this place. My insignificance within these walls is so thick I can taste it. It tastes bitter, but, somehow relieving, somehow freeing, somehow satisfying and somehow draining, in a good way. But then I see the truth of it all. The hall has no beginning and no end. There is no was,and  there is no will be. There is only Valhalla, held together by me.

-Enash Doog



Thought’s objection to deprivation echoes in my ears. Its muted screams fill an insatiable space.  It wants it so I open its gates, its eyes, my eyes. Thought wants light. Thought develops lights. Its camera misprints onto the strangest of nothings. Its camera is not broken, but the process is flawed. Light groans beneath its raping verdict, its mutilation at the hands of this limbless machine. Thought is light though, the result of it, the extension of it, the end of it and the beginning of it. Light does it to itself. Without light, there would be no objection to begin with.

-Enash Doog

incident beneath a threat

You, a designated problem of mine, recall yourself throughout my flow. My boredom determines when to ignite the protected gasoline underneath the impulse to turn away. My mind riots past your lean featureless receipt. I know you were here- the hollow impression left behind gives you away. My wary flaw dances with conceit behind your unattended scheme. At the last fade, might mind bore under the array?

-Enash Doog


My suspicious light pins the regarding unworkable mistake, yet my contrived perspective does not sway…Perspective is a stubborn beast. She sometimes shifts with the slightest jolt; other times a thorough obliteration is required.  Or on second thought, in all likelihood, they depend merely on the shock-wave resulting from a butterflies flutter somewhere in nothingland. I’d be content with it ending there, but then the gust of wind having its way with my lepidoptra must be considered; air pressure, atmosphere, terrain, sun, flares…pfff you find the initial conditions, it has long been determined that I will finish this post in eleven words anyway. Determined? Scratch that.  It always was and always will be.

-Enash Doog





Heinous crimes committed

Against notorious balance,

Laying peaceful conditions

To effortless ruin


‘Why’ is the question,

But answer is known:

Conditioned perplexities,

Determined necessities


Chances are fleeting

Yet, endless renewal.

But, driven by blindness

I surrender to chance


Visions of destination

Overpower the present

Clearly, their blockage

Are means to acquittal

-Enash Doog

Quantum Theory vs. General Relativity

Perhaps offering a window into the old philosophical determinism debate, or fate versus chaos, theoretical physics deals with the same dichotomy, and has succeeded in empirically justifying both sides of the coin. Annoyingly, just like its cousin, metaphysics seems to be missing some sort of necessary link between the two, or ideally, an all-encompassing third candidate.

How can the complete randomness of quantum theory cooperate with general relativity, when in effect, GR encompasses entirely predictable determinations? While string theory is elegantly positioned for such a task, it necessarily seems contrived. The theory, of course, falls outside the realm of experience and thus defies experiential concurrence, which questions its very nature as a theory.

Abstracting for a moment to the realm of numbers and probability, we can curiously observe a similar incongruence between what seems to be a random driving force and, deterministic outcome. Taking the flip of a coin as an example, it is in essence absolutely impossible to predict with absolute certainty the outcome of the toss. Yet, as the frequency of flips approaches infinity, the outcome distribution NECESSARILY approaches 50/50. Consequently, at infinity we assume exactly 50/50 distribution. So, what makes the randomness that we started with become exactitude? It is clearly linked to the number of POSSIBLITIES with which random potentiality is faced. We know that there are two possibilities with the coin toss, and thus from this, derive the necessary distribution of outcomes as frequency approaches infinity. The question is…When the initial number of possibilities is unknown, is it possible to derive necessary outcome distributions? And more importantly, does this derivation correspond to the link between QT and GR?  

In other words, does probability theory, extended to infinity, dilute “chance” to the point absolute determinism?

Sigh…..time for a drink.


Enash Doog


Bounded by the languid insipid dream

Drudging endlessly through

Bottomless pits of illusion, delusion


Insidious fixation leading nowhere

Contriving tasteful persuasions

Coerced by determined finality


Unattainable incomplete knowables

Tickling outstretched fingertips

Uselessly determined, yet


Nowhere is somewhere

Nothing is something

And nothing but nowhere abound


-Enash Doog